TTD$ 110.00
Excellent led lamp, which can use solar energy through the panel or can be charged with cable, has two lighting modes, bright, has a hook, stand, perfect for camping, for nature, for work in the garage, dimensions 240x50x50mm
The LED flashlight is a panel with built-in 60 LED bulbs and a rechargeable battery. Large beam of illumination. The battery of the LED lamp is designed for 6-10 hours of uninterrupted lighting. The built-in handle for carrying the lamp and the foot for convenient positioning of the device in a vertical position also has a wall mount.
The lamp for 60 LED emergency lighting diodes is designed for an emergency light source in an apartment, summer cottage, on the street, on the campsite in the event of a power failure from the public network.
LED lifespan up to 5000 hours, 60 LED lamps provide very good illumination.
This lighting device is made of strong plastic, and the shockproof housing is resistant to operation. The set with the lamp includes a cable with a 220 V plug, which allows you to power the LED lamp from a traditional 220 V socket.
Voltage: AC110-220V/50Hz~60Hz 2000mAh
Working Time: 6-12 hours
LED lamp quantity: 60pcs (1200-1500MKD)
The ultra-durable battery has a reserve for more than 300 charge cycles.
Leg for vertical positioning of the device.
Handle for easy transport
Wall mountable
2 lighting modes
Automatic operation in case of power failure.
1 x Lamp
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Stand