12″ Electronic LCD Digital Writing Tablet Drawing Board Graphics

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Eye Protection and Safety for Kids: The LCD writing tablet features the latest LCD pressure-sensitive technology. The screen of drawing board is completely safe via the test: no glare, no radiation, no ink, no dust, paper-like vision, which can protect your kids’ eyesight and keep them away from chemical pigments and dust that will stimulate their skin and lungs.
Easy to use: Depending on how hard you use the stylus,LCD writing tablet will create lines of different thicknesses. You can draw lines on the LCD writing tablet with a stylus pen( we provide) or any other hard but not sharp material (such as spoons, nail, etc.). Pressing the delection key, everything will be delected immediately, and it is with the lock key design to avoid accidental delection, when the lock key on, will keep the entire picture unchanged , while when the lock key off the writings will be delected.
Environmental and Economical: The built-in battery of the LCD writing tablet provides 12 months lifespan, which can be replaced for cycle use, without charging or plugging in power. and the LCD writing tablet is with low energy consumption design, only consume the power when using the delection function, while when you are writing things it won’t consume the energy. The LCD writing tablet can be used for about 100,000 times writing and delecting, which can avoid the waste of paper and pencils, reducing expense and no more mess at home.
Durable and Portable: The drawing tablet shell is made of durable premium quality plastic ABS, and the rounded corner design with excellent shock and drop resistance. The screen of writing board is hard to crack. and it is with lightweight and ultra thin design, the writing tablet with 12inch weighs only 169 grams ,the writing tablet with 8.5inch weights only 93grams, both of them are with a 5mm in thickness, which makes them easy to put in school bags, handbags, briefcase as well as travel bags. and the LCD writing tablet is applicable for multiple occasions such as group discussion, brainstorming, taking notes, making calculations, reminder, record the moment of inspiration and so on. besides it is suitable for all the ages.